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Jen Bio

Head coach and owner Jen Fisher, started CrossFit Hellkite over 7 years ago. Being a nurse practitioner prior to opening the box, she has a thorough understanding of human anatomy and physiology. After taking time off to raise kids, Jen wanted to have a business that catered to peoples' health and well being. The idea was to have a smaller gym that was able to provide more personalized coaching for each individual, which in turn fosters a sense of community among members. Jen currently holds a CFL-1 and certification in olympic lifting from USAW. When not coaching, she is hiking, biking, skiing or playing with her Bernese Mountain Dogs (or her husband and kids).



Courtney Bio

Coach Courtney has been obsessed with CrossFit since her very first class 5 years ago. She has always been involved in athletics of some type- gymnastics as a kid and then running (several half marathons) and triathlon (lots of sprints and one very long Half Ironman) and some kickboxing..... but Cross fit was different. Having never really thrown a barbell around, she became incredibly empowered by the weightlifting aspect. She enjoys the variety of different skills and the fact that one can never really be bored at Crossfit. Also... it's super fun. So naturally, she got her Level 1 and became a Coach. She loves teaching the modality of Crossfit, watching athletes become better and cheering them on as they try and conquer new skills. She truly believes that Crossfit is the way to enduring health over time. Courtney has done several competitions- with friends, with her husband and by herself. She has one daughter who is also starting Crossfit at the age of 12.



Dalton Bio

Dalton began coaching CrossFit at CF Hellkite in 2021, and loves the community atmosphere found in all of the classes. Growing up, athletics were always a major part of his life,. After playing a variety of sports throughout childhood, including gymnastics and track, he found Olympic weightlifting in 2008 as has been hooked ever since. As a member of the original CrossFit boom, did his first CrossFit workout in 2009, eventually becoming a coach in 2013. His specialties include Olympic weightlifting, strength training, gymnastics and running mechanics. In addition to CrossFit, Dalton has worked within the public school system, coaching basketball, wrestling, and track. His true passion is helping others achieve the goals they have set for themselves, guiding them to achieve success in all endeavors.



Ashlynne Bio

Ashlynne first discovered CrossFit in college while pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. During this time she was also doing personal training and interning at a strength and conditioning facility. CrossFit completely changed her approach to fitness. She was amazed at how through CrossFit she was able to obtain strength and new skills. She enjoys training and competing in CrossFit and weightlifting. As a coach it is her goal to help others along in their own fitness journey, learn how much they are capable of. Available for anyone looking for personal training or online programming!



Brandon Bio

Coming Soon!​​



Lynn Bio

Lynn began doing CrossFit in 2013 with Jen before Hellkite was even a thing. So when Jen opened Hellkite in 2015, she was excited to join her friend and coach at the box. After 9 years of “doing” CrossFit, Lynn decided to get her LEVEL 1 coach certificate and help out at the gym. Lynn enjoys the challenges and mental obstacles she faces with workouts, which is so different than any other fitness program she done; which is quite a few! She finds that crossfit allows her to remain strong, healthy and able to do more physical work in her everyday life than many who are her same age. Lynn is married to Don, also a member, and has 2 children: Conner 24 and Lydia 21, and two dogs who love to go on hikes with her.